WConnect Womens Support

WConnect Developed Values

  1. Recognise that WConnect do not live in a just or equal society and that there are groups of women who are discriminated against because of their beliefs, abilities, sexuality, ethnicity, age, social status, income and health. WConnect are committed to supporting each other to ensure that we do not discriminate against each other.
  2. Respect other women's views whether they are the same or different to WConnect's own.
  3. Encourage each other not to make assumptions, to communicate to the best of our ability, and to be clear and open.
  4. WConnect creates a supportive and safe space in which women can learn, develop and have fun.
  5. WConnect is open to personal learning, change and development. WConnect will encourage each other to be reflective, to be flexible in response to challenge and change.

Welcome to WConnect

At WConnect we perform three main functions: to be a practical resource for Women Connect partners and to facilitate networking; to provide an introduction to WConnect for those new to the project; and to bean information source for researchers and policy makers interested in gender equality and ICT.

We want our website to be as useful as possible for you and so would welcome your feedback; please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement, or know of any resources that you think should be added.

Work-Life Balance Campaign

The Government recognises the benefits of flexible working for both employers and employees, and is committed to promoting the spread of good practice in this area.

In five years’ time, everyone should feel they have more choice and more control over working hours.

What is the Government doing?

The Government wants to make it easier for mothers and fathers to balance their responsibilities. But we realise that balancing work and home commitments is not just an issue for parents.

The Prime Minister launched the Work-Life Balance Campaign in 2000, which is directed at employers and is intended to benefit all employees whether or not they have caring responsibilities.

The campaign aims to convince employers of the case for change, share examples of good practice and support employers in implementing these changes. Employers will be encouraged to introduce ways of working which meet the needs of the business while simultaneously improving the work-life balance of their employees.

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